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Creating a space for nurses to thrive.

Better Talent Faster

Medrep Healthcare Staffing is a very different kind of agency. Unlike most travel nurse agencies, Medrep Healthcare Staffing was founded by an RN who has over 10 years experience working as a travel nurse across Canada – our founder Randelle Addun.

Randelle loved being a travel nurse, but after years in the industry she knew there had to be a better way; dreaming of an agency that vetted placements in-person before sending in new nurses, where staff could support you both clinically & administratively, and where quality patient-care & work-life balance were the top two priorities.
So, in between shifts and placements Randelle started building Medrep – eventually bringing together a dream team of staff; nurses to help with the clinical perspective, experts in healthcare administration to work with health authorities across the country, and HR pros to handle the high volume of placements and staff. The result has been Medrep becoming one of Canada’s topnotch Travel Nursing Agencies, recruiting healthcare professionals who are falling in love with nursing again!


To be able to rely on our team to fully understand and communicate our client's goals and candidate goals so we can let our associates depend on us to be able to match them with the accurate jobs fitting their talents.


We ensure that we do not make promises we can not keep. We understand that being truthful is what will keep us as your respected partners and maintain our long term relationship.


We are locally owned and operated. We are only human and for our abstract lives we want to be able to match your time and requests to ensure that everyone is pleased and serviced.

Our Statement

We know what it takes to find the right employee for the right job. To assist clients in their search for the right employees, Medrep Healthcare Staffing comprises a team of professionals who know their work well. The Medrep Healthcare Staffing team finds candidates for placement through the Medrep Healthcare Staffing 5-step recruitment process.

Our Mission

To offer the most effective staffing services. Our 24/7, high quality attention will afford you “Peace of mind” !

Uncompromising personalized service to all of our clients and employees is the greatest milestone we can reach. We strive every day to accomplish this goal and help our clients and employees accomplish their. 

Our Vision

It starts with our commitment to standards above and beyond state guidelines or typical agency screening criteria. Our commitment transcends our policies and procedures. This means one thing: “Client Comes First!”

Our recruiting managers are experienced specialists with an insider’s perspective on your unique staffing needs. 


Why Choose Us?

For over some years, Medrep Healthcare Staffing has set the industry standard for quality, service, and integrity in healthcare staffing. We offer a full range of workforce solutions for nursing and allied health professionals, including local per diem and travel staffing solutions.

A team you can trust.

Community you can stand with.

If you’re on your own, moving to a different community & starting a new job placement, the change can be daunting… That’s why community makes all of the difference.

Medrep healthcare staffing not only commits to finding you ideal placements – we’ll also ensure you feel supported, cared for, & a part of something bigger while you’re there!

We care about patient care.

Medrep Healthcare Staffing truly cares about seeing our nurses deliver exemplary patient care.

It is a top priority for our agency.

We believe the best way to guarantee strong health outcomes is to take incredible care of our nurses so that they can take incredible care of their patients.

Balance isn’t just a pretty idea.

When a company tells you they value a healthy work-life balance, do they really mean it? Most often you’re still left feeling guilty for requesting vacation, expressing your needs, or doing anything other than showing up for work. Well, we’re done with that.

Time to take back control of your life AND your career. Medrep healthcare staffing is here to help.

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